Madonna Necklace

I've made a pact with several jewelry buddies of mine to finish an unfinished project today.   So with that purpose in mind, I set out this morning to complete something that's been sitting on my work surface for a while.  I had this focal done a few weeks back - one of those "I don't want to waste this batch of resin...what do I have that needs it?" kind of things.  The Madonna oval was actually two resin pours, so it has a lovely dome finish that catches the light beautifully.   


My next step was to make the chain using the most glorious handmade raku beads you'll ever see.  They were handmade and fired by my friend, Harry Wood of Oscar Crow.  Harry is an incredibly talented artist who is so generous with his wealth of experience in jewelry making and tools of the trade.  I have learned so much from him and you cannot go wrong with any of his jewelry, components, or advice.    I alternated two sizes of raku beads with beautiful brass filigree bead caps from B'Sue.  So.. chain done!


With these components finished, this necklace was crying out for a tassel at the bottom.  I used a vintage key, antique cross, old rosary chain, a (celtic?) medallion and some infinity chain.   


Put it all together and you get this!   I can't wait to test drive this one tomorrow and see how it wears.   Thank you, Judy for cheerleading the group to "Get 'er done!"   :D