Finishing Up Projects

Happy Sunday, y'all!

As promised, I've been busy tinkering in my now cleaned up workroom today.  I've managed to complete (although I'll probably rework) another gramma bead earring necklace.  What are gramma bead earrings?  You know those cluster bead clip on earrings that ladies wore in the 50's and 60's?   They sometimes came as part of a necklace set and were usually made of plastic.  I remember my aunt and memaw wearing them for trips to town to go shopping and for church. 

Anyway, they are fairly easy to find and I look for the broken and oddball ones to incorporate into one of these bibs.  They look really fancy and fun gathered all together.  I like thinking that the gaggle of grandmas and church ladies who wore these earbobs would approve of my repurposing.  :)

It's not completely to my liking - my spacing, connections and placement can use some work, but I love making these necklaces.  Enjoy!


Other projects have included more flower necklaces.   These brass flowers speak for themselves and make beautiful and very wearable statement necklaces. 


Reworked the gramma bead necklace and much happier with the placement: