Productive Day Off

Happy Friday, y'all! 

I spent my afternoon finishing up some designs.  I'm having a helluva time finishing pieces and being satisfied with the finished product.  When is a piece finished?  When do you stop tweaking?  When will I ever be happy to leave things alone?    

I'm already rethinking the spoons I finished last week.  After wearing a few of the spoons this week, I discovered some of the pieces and parts need to be finessed.   Flipping charms, things that won't hang right, clunky design.... GAH!  Back to the drawing board, I guess.  

So, there's all that design/construction frustration... I was, however, able to finish another couple of necklaces and these are at least (for now) constructed well and hang beautifully. 

First up is Greta Gear.  I repaired the resin on this sonofabitch *four* times - nothing whatsoever wrong with the resin itself, just its user.  The first time a piece of Polka hair fell into the pour and hardened.  Next, a bubble inclusion I neglected to see.  Next, something fell into the resin at the too critical time where the resin has set up and there's no more elasticity.  Fourth time, YAY! 

The reason I stuck it out with this one is I loved Miss Greta Garbo with gears coming out of her head.  It calls back to my days as an art student and I loved the composition.  Here's the final product.  That little propeller actually spins!  I love her.


The other finished piece is another metal flower necklace.   I used what has become one of my favorite color combos:  shades of orange, lime green and aqua blue paired with rosy copper metal.   Definitely a statement necklace that will turn heads! 


I'm off to sketch now.  I watched a BBC show hosted by Peter Capaldi about Scottish portraiture and he sketched the art.  He sketched... do you know what that does to a fan girl to see Peter Capaldi and those beautiful hands sketching?  Hmmmm...maybe I'll sketch a portrait of Peter Capaldi...  two birds, etc.