Spoons, Spoons, Spoons!

Happy Sunday, y'all.   

Please do me a favor and click "play" while you're reading this post, m'kay?  I'll explain later.  :D

Our July Challenge at the B'Sue Creative Group on FB was "The Song Is You".   Take a piece of music that inspires you and create a piece of jewelry around that song.  We were all posting *great* songs and someone chose the B-52s song, "Roam".  Bingo!  I love this song, this video and this band sooo much and had the perfect application in mind to turn this tune into jewelry.   

Go back about a year when I was playing with corks.  I also saw tons of posts of folks making resin spoons.  I love green design, so using discarded corks or repurposing an old unwanted item into something useful or beautiful really appeals to me.   Enter the lowly souvenir spoon.  I've never been a spoon collector personally; they didn't make sense to me.  A spoon?  From Niagra Falls?  Umm... why?    But I saw these cool spoon pendants and thought they looked fun to try.  I also didn't want a gravy ladle hanging around my neck, so souvenir spoons fit the bill for scale and proportion. 

As luck would have it, my local St. Vincent de Paul was having a half-price sale just about the time of my spoon fixation.  So that Saturday, I wait in line with nothing in hand and when it's my turn to check out, I ask for every spoon in their display case.  There were about 60.  The folks in line started asking me what I was going to do with them and I got several thumbs up & "You go, girl! "  :D 

I walked out with this: 


After I got home, I started to really look at them and they were lovely!  Some had pierced ends with little charms dangling, some were hand painted, most were just fun, colorful and kitschy.   I set about cutting off the bowls from the plain ones and started to play with images.   

Images courtesy of an old TCM catalog and the New Yorker.  :D  

Images courtesy of an old TCM catalog and the New Yorker.  :D  

Here are a few of the finished spoon pendants.   


So, those were fun to make, but like so many creative folks, I get bored easily.   I was on to the next project and barely made a dent in all those lovely spoons.  I plan to pull them out soon and make tons more resin pendants.   But here's the deal.  I had all these wonderful spoon tops that were just begging for something to be done. 

When I heard "Roam", I knew I had to break out those lovelies and make something wonderful.  So, a little elbow grease, a little Dremel work, a lot of screw hole punching, I came away with a charm bracelet!  Oh!  And another song inspiration - "I've Been Everywhere" by Johnny Cash!   I like the frenetic pace of this song and it pairs nicely with all these places on the bracelet piling on top of one another.   :D

I love this bracelet and I don't think I'll be able to part with it.  Except for Nebraska, New Jersey and a few other obscure places, I've been to all these places.  Kismet!