Jewelry Design Display Ideas

Happy Friday, y'all! 

I have to show y'all my shopping finds!  As you know, I've been working in my workroom to make it a little more stylish, efficient and organized.  I'm also planning in advance for the possibility of showing at a craft, art or jewelry show in the near future.  I have no idea on where or when that will be, but I do know that I can work on the merchandizing now so that when the time comes, I can hit the ground running!  

I was killing time at my local Big Lots and found a couple of things that definitely have potential.  The first are plaster hands (the tag says $10, but I guess they were on sale 'cause I got 'em for $6 - Yay!) and the reproduction bottle tray.  The bolt of fabric leaning on the table was a fabric purchase for some table covers.  I know I want to keep the color scheme of my displays in my signature blue and white.  This barkcloth fit the bill perfectly!  Check it out:



The first order of business is to rip that cheap fabric thing off the hands!  

MUCH better.  

MUCH better.  

I plan to spray the tray w/ cubby holes white and will probably spray the hands white as well.  My next projects will be sewing the table covers (or sending them to my mom to do - hee hee!) and working on a logo/business card design.  I'm dreading that....