On The Subject of Wine Corks

Happy Saturday, y'all! 

This week, I had a fellow artist very publicly accuse me of stealing her idea and was very upset that I hadn’t cited her as a source on this blog.   The person I’m referring to made a lovely cork creation.    I’ve made cork things before and, as you know, used the opportunity to showcase them in my first blog post half a year ago when I started this blog.  So, yes, I could have cited her as an “inspiration” to pick up the corks again –I did talk to her online on a FB post in a comment, but I guess that wasn’t enough.   So I’m sorry.

So, to clear the air, let me say a few things: 

Corks are kind of a hot craft project right now.  Like here, herehere, here, here and here.

I’m also sorry to the folks who had to see her posts and were unfairly pulled into the drama by being named and my subsequent posts setting the record straight.  I would have done this privately with you, but since you publicly called me out, didn’t do your research and subsequently blocked me after I accepted your friends request on FB, I wasn’t afforded that opportunity.   And just so you know, my peeps that are friends on FB don’t have to erase their comments.   My FB page for the most part is not publicly seen and I’m picky about the company I keep.   They know they can say what they need to me and own their words as I do mine.   I’m also v. political and love spirited debates from ALL parties, so if you take issue with something I say, please let me know.  I LOVE it and embrace learning from others and try, try, try to keep an open mind.  (And NO, we will NOT talk politics on this blog.  Period.  I said, NO, Libby.  LOL!!) So, if you want to unblock me, talk *privately* as an adult, I’m all ears.  What I won’t tolerate is DEFCON 3, apoplectic public vitriol.   How you handled this was like someone walking into your home, taking a giant dump, not flushing and then walking out.   As we Texans say, that dog won’t hunt.

My work right now is derivative.  And because I do my homework, I know that.  I started jewelry making one short year ago; I have a ton to learn and I’m taking an autodidactic approach.   When I use a tutorial, I cite it.   When I use someone’s product, I cite it.  If I see a fabulous creation from those I admire, I cite it.   I will make mistakes and I trust the people I respect to let me know if I do something boneheaded and if I miss giving credit where credit is due, please tell me!   I also trust that if they do this publicly, they do it in a kind and respectful way – (If you want to swear a blue streak at me, please DM me xD). 

With a couple of exceptions to fam and friends, I’m also not selling my work until I’m comfortable knowing my stuff is up to snuff and that may be a while. That’s why I truly respect those folks who have made a signature style and brand for themselves.  I own your creations and you know who you are.  It’s damn hard work and I’m nowhere near that level.  I hope to be someday.  I also hope that everyone will bear with me and we can put this unfortunate episode to rest.  Thanks for your patience with this long winded post and I’m going back to making some more Small Stuff!  -r xoxo