Mardi Gras Cuff

Had a fabulous February including a wonderful surprise birthday/Mardi Gras party for a dear friend.  The house was decked out in purple, gold and green, the house was filled with the aroma of red beans and rice and jambalaya and the sounds of dixieland jazz and zydeco.  Most importantly, we had a houseful of happy revelers who had a blast!   

So, after putting away the decorations, I was inspired to work on the theme of the French Quarter/Mardi Gras and I came away with this cuff.  Having never designed a cuff before,  I discovered there is a lot of manipulating metal to get the right fit to the curves of the cuff.  Once that nut was cracked, it was down to the fun part of finding pieces and parts to add.   The focal has four layers of stampings and a resin bezel focal with watch gears and a lamp transparency image.  Those fabulous masks on the side sport a feather festoon and vintage rhinestone eyes. 

This piece will always remind me of that fun party and the great time I had figuring out my first cuff bracelet.