Welcome to Small Stuff

Hi y'all!  Well, I have a blog.  Now what?   

My reason for starting this whole thing is to document some of the creative work I've been doing for the past 6 months.   January 2012 was a turning point for me.  I was bored.   At work, I had lost all interest in what I was doing and something had to give.   It took half a year of that whole "what do I want to do" stuff to determine that I was creatively starving and needed an outlet from the day to day stress of my current work.

Oh, and I drank wine.   Lots of it.

Which leads to wine corks.  I can never throw one away so we had mounds of them that I've collected for years.   I'm also a lazy organizer - things are behind closed doors so it looks pretty, but open a drawer, cupboard or pantry in my house and you'll find complete and utter chaos.  I'm sure that's a metaphor or something, but I digress. xD   When the mess starts spilling from the enclosed areas, it's cull time. I would be okay about getting rid of everything else (thank you, A&E Hoarders!) except those damn corks.   I had seen lots of stuff made from corks that left me 'feh'.. until I saw a pin about wine cork ornaments on Pinterest.  Bingo!  Now, those looked like something fun to do!   A few trips to the craft store later  (I had nothing but corks and needed wire, beads, pliers, etc ) and I was hooked.   Six months later, I have a cozy workroom and more beads and supplies than I know what to do with and having a ball making all kinds of fun things.   Welcome to my blog and PLEASE leave comments if you feel inclined.  I would love to hear from you.  xoxo


See?  I knew I was keeping these corks for a reason.

See?  I knew I was keeping these corks for a reason.